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February 2016


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The Benefits of Coupling ProfitProAG’s Grower Financing and Early Order Cash Discount Program (EOCDP)

ProfitProAG offers competitive grower input, operational financing and an EOCDP. If a grower takes advantage of the EOCDP, it helps offset the grower financing cost. (Refer to grower financing information below.)

Unsecured and
Secured Financing Available for 2016

Contact David Widman (who has over 30 years of bank lending experience, mostly in agriculture, and grew up on a family farm) about either input or operational financing for 2016 from AgriSpan. With qualified credit, an UNSECURED loan can range from $10,000.00 to $250,000.00; secured financing limit based on your operation. Call 507-640-1095 or email for details or to apply.
























Crop Management News

Lifetime of Experiences in Producing Value-added Nutrient-dense, High Brix Food

“Bob Wilt’sJourneytoSoilRecovery: ABiologicalFarmingAlternative”

In April of 2001, as Bob Wilt walked through his conventional blueberry field, it was apparent that something was very wrong. The ground was hard and felt like concrete while the current year’sfruitwood was one half to one third the length that it had been in the previous three years. Instead of six to seven fruit buds per limb, there was now only one or two. As he studied the dwarfed limbs, he recalled that over the past three to four years his crop quality had diminished while his fertilizer and pesticide bills had increased inversely.

This is the typical dilemma that many conventional farmers currently face. So what is the answer? For Bob, he had to change his entire philosophy about farming. In the beginning, it was slow progress. The soil needed to be repaired from years of conventional farming abuse. There were no schools available to teach growers about biological farming. It was a self-taught process.

Although his neighbors were skeptical, he utilized good science-based biological farming practices that eventually restored the health to the soil, which is now soft and porous. Now he is growing vigorous plants with more fruit wood and fruit buds than ever before, producing some of the highest quality nutrient-dense berries in the country.

In the past five years, Bob has become very focused on nutrient density. Now that he has reached a consistent quality level, his crops are always sold out at the top of the organic market.

The next step is to market his crop as “food to replace medicine” and demand a price that reflects the quality and consistency.

Bob is very passionate about biological farming and wants to share his self-taught education with other growers who may be experiencing the same dilemma as he did 15 years ago when there was no one to ask, let alone teach him.

The beauty of biological farming is that the rules are universal; they apply to all crops not just berries.

Come listen to Bob share his farmer-to-farmer style knowledge that he has acquired over the last 15 years.

Bob Wilt will be a featured speaker at ProfitProAG’s

Winter Conference February 11 & 12, 2016 (information below)

Also, ProfitProAG will be hosting a
two day educational workshop about “Raising High Brix/Nutrient-dense Food” featuring Bob Wilt on

March 2 & 3, 2016

at ProfitProAG’s Headquarters─408 S. 1st Ave., Albert Lea, MN.

You are invited to ProfitProAG’s

2016 Winter Conference on February 11th & 12th.

Achieving Low Cost Production and Value-added Pricing

Learn how to grow nutrient-dense, high brix foods, tap into markets for these crops and improve your profitability! Simply put, demand drives production prices. Today, there are growing and expanding markets for high quality, nutrient-dense, high brix food. Other fast growing segments include non-GMO and organic markets. Food safety, label of origin, environmental concerns and regenerative farming practices are also factors that influence food production markets. Of course, the ultimate driver of demand is the consumer: they want quality, safe food with flavor. These factors dictate prices that consumers are willing to pay.

ProfitProAG offers opportunities to tap into these current and growing market segments to get more from every acre or animal. It starts with soil health as well as a short and long-term strategy to tap into these value-added food/feed markets. ProfitProAG calls these strategies the ProfitMaster Full-Circle System.

Soil health is the cornerstone of production agriculture for the crop grower, livestock producer or food processor. Participation in value-added production and markets is the key to maximizing more from every acre and animal.

The first key question is: “What determines soil health?”

The main characteristics of soil quality include high biodiversity, mineral retention/ balance/availability and stable bioactive carbon levels. Microbial diversity and a healthy soil food web are the main drivers of soil health.

The second key question is: “How can a high quality producing, yet low cost, soil system be built?”

The answer is quite simple—through plant diversity. Grow live plants on the soil year round, e.g., cover crops and companion crops, reduce soil disturbance as much as possible and satisfy the seasonal nutrition needs of the crop grown.

The third key question is: “Why can’t quality, nutrient-dense, high brix food for the value-added markets be provided?”

It can. Start with soil health and understand the seasonal dietary needs of the crop.

This conference has something for everyone (beginners through long-time producers).

The conference is located at 408 S. 1st Ave., Albert Lea, Minnesota

Learn from an excellent group of knowledgeable speakers! Visit for more information.


Livestock & Manure Management News

Strategies for Improved Livestock Production

by Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultant

Over the past few decades, animal husbandry has become increasingly separated from its natural existence of open land grazing and foraging. Today, most livestock in the United States are raised in confinement on huge industrialized systems. Confining as many animals indoors as possible may maximize production and profits, but it also creates welfare issues. Over-exposure to toxins and gases from manure can create health problems and serious compromises to animal comfort, care and well-being. Poor feed quality also adds to the health risks. To counteract these unhealthy conditions, producers may feed or inject low doses of antibiotics, which contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. To offset and reduce the need for antibiotics, as well as improve the overall immunity of livestock, improved feed quality, with higher nutrient values, can help reduce the need for antibiotics as well as advance overall immunity. Simply adding an expanded exercise area and improved, environmentally-friendly bedding materials like ProfitProAG’s Barn Care Bedding can also make a difference.

Although antibiotic-free beef, chicken and pork only account for approximately five percent of the meat sold in the U.S., current consumer demand is now driving meat companies to implement antibiotic-free practices as well as to adopt very different animal care protocols. As awareness grows about animal welfare, large food service enterprises and retail chains are demanding changes in farming practices and livestock care. Some large meat and egg producers, like Perdue and Tyson, have pledged to support and provide higher quality products to their consumers.

Production Practice Changes

Changes in production practices like “cage-free, free range, pasture ranged and penned gestation” has yielded premium prices in the value–added markets. However, improving animal welfare in today’s industrial agricultural system will, undoubtedly, require a widespread change in the attitude of livestock producers. Better basic training, greater attention to the animal’s needs and an overall healthier approach may result in lower medical expenses and reduced mortalities.

The ABC’s of Better Health

Advanced Barn Care (ABC) is focused on livestock welfare by improving the environment, the immune system and overall health and comfort.

ABC manure pit treatment products reduce harmful toxins and gases by locking up ammonia that can cause production and respiratory issues on all classes of livestock and workers. Nutrients from treated ABC manure pits are also more biologically available to crops when used as a fertilizer.

ABC barn drying agents regulate moisture and gases, reduce foot slippage and biologically provide a defense against pathogens, viruses and bacterial strains. It also provides a cleaner and more hygienic environment, which helps improve the animal’s immune system.

ABC feed flow additive builds natural immunity. The all natural ingredients supply essential probiotics and neutralizes gut pH. This balances trace minerals and immobilizes harmful pathogens in the intestinal tract.

ABC bedding products are healthier for all livestock operations. In comparison to other bedding sources, they are more environmentally friendly, provide better insulation, increase moisture uptake and reduce ammonia. Studies show a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 50:1, which takes a fraction of time to decompose versus years from other bedding sources.

All ABC products are safe and support livestock welfare and productivity by improving the environment, the immune system and overall health and comfort.




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