August 21, 2014 – Weather & Markets Teleconference – Main Points – Larry Acker


Weather –

1)      Arctic currently Colder than normal – approximately 10 degrees colder

2)     N of I 90 – Frost possible by 9-8-14 – Freeze possible by 9-15-14 – 75% chance by 9-30-14

3)     El Nino starting approximately Oct/Nov 2014

4)     Wet Season to start approximately September 29th – 30th October 1st 2014

5)     Major Snow storm possible November 7th / 8th 2014


Markets –

1)      Commodities cycle lows week of 8-25-14 – watch for triggers to move markets up

a.      Frost or Freeze in September

b.      World production or Commodities quality goes down

c.       China buying – Wheat after 9-1-14; Corn after 11-15-14; Soybeans already buying

d.      India production could be lower than normal may need to purchase to meet needs

2)     End users should look at purchasing approximately 25% of needs now for next 2 years in Futures market

3)     Crude Oil – cycle low in the next 10 days – look at purchasing now

4)     LP – Best to purchase what you need this fall now


To listen to the full teleconference, go to our web site and click on Agronomic Teleconference on left side vertical menu, then click on Weather and Markets Update to hear the teleconference.



You can contact Larry Acker at 3F Forecasting –, email is and his phone is 815-946-3001.

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