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August 2015

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August 20, 2015

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ProfitProAG’s Teleconference Call

Weather,  Markets and Economical Cycles with Climatologist Larry Acker 

Get a heads up on weather, markets and economic cycles by tuning into ProfitProAG’s August 20th teleconference call that features Larry Acker. 

Weather and commodity markets have been challenging for many producers in 2015. Some areas have had excessive moisture and other areas have been on the dry side. Commodity markets have been stuck on the lower end of the price range.

So what does the future hold for the weather and markets? Climatologist and marketing specialist Larry Acker will review short and long term trends in weather and markets. He will also discuss economic cycles that impact everyone.

The Teleconference is Thursday, August 20th from 8 to 9 pm (CDT). Call 1-855-212-0212, then enter the meeting ID No. 769-100-082# (pound key). Just dial the number, listen and get your questions answered. Anonymity maintained. All calls will be muted when joining the teleconference. To ask a question press *6 (star six). After asking the question please press *6 again to re-mute your phone.


Crop Management News

Developing a 2015 Fall Soil Nutrient Strategy

by David Widman, ProfitProAG Consultant

When considering soil nutrients for fall application, the first step is doing a composite complete soil test for the major and minor elements and base saturation.
From this soil test, a fall nutrient plan can be designed for individual fields for the upcoming crop to better meet yield and quality goals. Also, now is the time to do Brix testing to check your crop SAPS sugar and mineral level. The higher the brix the better your crop. Brix is a good indicator of soil and plant health and helps provide guidance for developing a plan for next year’s crop. Using Dr. William Albrecht’s recommended levels, make sure your base saturation levels are where they need to be. Then look at phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, manganese and boron to make sure levels are adequate. Mined ores are excellent sources for crop nutrients as they are natural products that work with the soil biology and are less susceptible to leaching or runoff. These mined ores are also an excellent source of trace elements often missing in our soils. Nitrogen should be applied at planting or during the growing season for the best utilization.

This fall we are offering two new plant nutrient blends. These are both 50/50 blends and come in one ton bulk totes. Humates 70% 1-3 mm screened and elemental sulfur supply humates and sulfurto help on high magnesium and high sodium soils.Humates 70% 1-3 mm screened and potassium sulfate (SOP) supply humates and potassium and is a much better alternative to 0-0-60. Application rates for humates & sulfur is 150 to 200 lbs/A and humates & SOP is 50 to 100 lbs/A. Humates 70% 1-3 mm screened is also a great product for any soil type, but especially in sand and heavy gumbo soils. It can be applied from 50 to 250 lbs/A. Humates supply humic acid, carbon and minerals. Also, humates will preserve N, increase the water holding capacity, stimulate biology, increase root growth, root penetration and chlorophyll density to aid in photosynthesis.



We now have access to Florida Soft Rock Phosphorus. This premium Soft Rock Phosphorus provides P, Ca and over 50 trace minerals that are either severely depleted or missing from our soils. Please call to see current delivery times for orders.

Elemental sulfur provides sulfur over basically a 3 year period. It is 90% sulfur prilled with 10% bentonite clay. Apply at 75 to 200 lbs/A depending on your soil test results. Sulfur is now short in our soils and is much needed for the soil biology immunity along with providing plants with sulfur for their immunity.

Soda Springs, Idaho Soft Rock Phosphorus supplies P, Ca and 55 trace minerals. Application rate is 150 to 400 lbs/A. Mined from the Rocky Mountains, this ore has a
3 to 5 year break down while providing P, Ca and trace minerals to the soil.

SOP provides potassium along with some sulfur. This product is hard to obtain
at times and you will want to check on availability
you may have to order now for spring delivery.

Organic Growers All of these products are available for Organic production practices.

Call your ProfitProAG rep to place your order today to plan delivery to your place for fall application.


Benefits of Establishing a Fall Cover Crop

by Dr. Jim Ladlie, ProfitProAG President

August through early fall is an ideal time to establish cover crops. Early season crops (cereals, silage corn, sweet corn or peas) are terminated and corn and soybeans are ready to harvest. Termination of a crop means the elimination of living plants on that soil. The establishment of a cover crop in the fall extends the benefits of having living plants on the soil. Those benefits include nutrient cycling and retention, building biodiversity and soil organic matter. Additionally, cover crops help suppress weeds and insects. Cover crop growers also report improved soil structure and drainage.

Fall cover crop options include:

·     Plant after a short season crop like sweet corn, peas or cereals.

·     Mid-season cover crops can be done in conjunction with manure application.

·     Aerial seed into standing corn or soybeans during late August.

·     Plant a winter hardy cover crop, like winter cereal rye, after fall harvest.

Remember, soil health is the key to profitable crop and livestock operations. Cover crops and crop rotation are necessary practices to improve soil health and water quality.

The most important step is to call ProfitProAG and let our cover crop experts lay out a plan and strategy to meet your objectives.




The Benefits of Coupling ProfitProAG’s Grower Financing and Early Order Cash Discount Program (EOCDP)

ProfitProAG offers competitive grower input and operational financing and an EOCDP. If a grower takes advantage of the EOCDP, it helps offset the grower
financing cost. (Refer to grower financing information below.)

Unsecured and Secured Financing Available for 2016

Contact David Widman (who has over 30 years of bank lending experience, mostly in agriculture, and grew up on a family farm) about either input or operational financing for 2016 from AgriSpan. With qualified credit, an UNSECURED loan can range from $10,000.00 to $250,000.00; secured financing limit based on your operation. Call 507-640-1095 or email for details or to apply.




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