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July 2015

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3rd Thursday of the Month
July 16, 2015

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ProfitProAG’s Teleconference Call

Weather,  Markets and Economical Cycles with Climatologist Larry Acker

Get a heads up on weather, markets and economic cycles by tuning into ProfitProAG’s July 16th teleconference call that features Larry Acker.

Weather and commodity markets have been challenging for many producers in 2015. Some areas have had excessive moisture and other areas have been on the dry side. Commodity markets have been stuck on the lower end of the price range.

So what does the future hold for the weather and markets? Climatologist and marketing specialist Larry Acker will review short and long term trends in weather and markets. He will also discuss economic cycles that impact everyone.

The Teleconference is Thursday, July 16th from 8 to 9 pm (CDT). Call 1-855-212-0212, then enter the meeting ID No. 769-100-082# (pound key). Just dial the number, listen and get your questions answered. Anonymity maintained. As a courtesy to others, please mute background noise by pressing *6. Press *6 again to ask questions.


ProfitProAG’s Summer Conference

You are invited to ProfitProAG’s 2015 Summer Conference on July 23rd and 24th. The conference is located at ProfitPro Headquarters, 408 S. 1st Ave., Albert Lea, MN 56007.

Thursday, July 23 includes featured speakers:

Tim Smith – Iowa Learning Farms Partner and
Cover Crop and Strip-till Farmer


Sarah Carlson – Practical Farmers of Iowa
Midwest Cover Crop Research Coordinator


Additional conference speakers include cover crop growers and crop management consultants along with livestock, manure management and marketing consultants.

Friday, July 24th includes on-farm field tours



Please visit for more details and to register

or call 1-888-875-2425.




Crop Management News

Cropping Systems and Value-Added Market Alternatives
can Maximize Profitability

by Dr. Jim Ladlie, ProfitProAG President

Soil health is the cornerstone of production agriculture for the crop grower, livestock producer or food processor. Participation in value-added production and markets is the key to maximizing more from every acre and animal.

The first key question is: “What determines soil health?”

The main characteristics of soil quality includes high biodiversity, mineral retention/balance/availability and stable bioactive carbon levels. Microbial diversity is the main driver of soil health.

The second key question is: “How can a high quality producing, yet low cost, soil system be built?”

The answer is quite simple—through plant diversity. Grow live plants on the soil year round, e.g., cover crops and reduce soil disturbance as much as possible.

The third key question is: “Why can’t quality, nutrient-dense, high brix food for the value-added markets be provided?”

It can. Start with soil health and understand the seasonal dietary needs of the crop.

Simply put, demand drives production prices. Today, there are growing and expanding markets for high quality, nutrient-dense, high brix food. Another developing segment includes non-GMO and organic markets. Food safety, label of origin and environmental concerns are also factors that influence food production markets. Of course, the ultimate driver of demand is the consumer; they want quality, safe food with flavor. These factors dictate prices that consumers are willing to pay.

ProfitProAG offers opportunities to tap into these current and developing market segments to get more from every acre or animal. It starts with soil health as well as a short and long-term strategy to tap into these value-added markets. ProfitProAG calls these strategies the ProfitMaster™ Full-Circle System.

This conference has something for everyone (beginners through long-time producers). Learn how to grow value-added foods, tap into value-added markets and improve profitability.




2015 Fall Cover Crop Application into

Standing Corn & Soybeans

Informational Meetings


What: ProfitProAG will be hosting two informational meetings on Fall Cover Crop Seeding and Application

into Standing Corn and Soybeans.


When: Option #1

Teleconference Call

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

8 to 9 pm (CDT)

Teleconference phone number:


then enter the meeting ID No.

769-100-082# (pound key)

Just dial the number, listen and get your questions answered


Option #2

Informational Workshop

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

10:30 am to 12:00 noon (lunch provided)*

at ProfitProAG Headquarters ­— 408 S. 1st Ave., Albert Lea, MN

*Please RSVP by calling 507-373-2550 or e-mail Gwyn at


Fall seeding of cover crops into standing corn or soybeans is done the end of August.
The objective of fall cover crop seeding is to improve soil health, enhance organic matter, microbial diversity and nutrient retention, balance and availability.

The benefits of fall seeded cover crops include enhanced profitability, drainage, nutrient retention, water quality, plant health and reduced weeds, disease, insect pressure and cost.

ProfitProAG can help select the right cover crop mix to meet each individual grower’s objective. We can also assist to line up an aerial applicator to fly on your cover crop the end of August.

If you want to enhance your soil health and profitability, please be part of the July 7 Teleconference Call or the July 8 Informational Meeting.

For more information call 507-373-2550 or e-mail




Unsecured and Secured Financing Available for 2015

Contact David Widman (who has over 30 years of bank lending experience, mostly in agriculture, and grew up on a family farm) about either input or operational financing for 2015 from AgriSpan. With qualified credit, an UNSECURED loan can range from $10,000.00 to $250,000.00; secured financing limit based on your operation. Call 507-640-1095 or email for details or to apply.




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