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May 2015

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Crop Management News

Enhance Forage for Profitability

By Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultant

Record highs in the cattle market over the last few years and a higher price demand for beef and milk also brings higher input cost on the farm, especially in feedstuffs.

Forage EnhancerTM was developed to stretch that expended dollar amount to make a more profitable operation. Forage Enhancer helps prevent mold, improves taste, palatability and maximizes the nutrient value of forage. It allows higher moisture content during the forage process without spoilage or mold and can also be used for organic production.

One of the key benefits of Forage Enhancer is that it allows the grower to harvest forages from 20 to 70 percent moisture, which helps manage the rain factor and preserve quality. To redeem costly high moisture forages that already have mold, treat with Forage Enhancer and prevent forage loss.

Forage Enhancer is an anaerobic microbial preservative. Reducing the oxygen content in the harvested forage as much as possible improves performance. Wrapping the harvested crop is ideal for complete fermentation. The outer layer of unwrapped bales may show some white yeast growth due to increased oxygen content. This is a beneficial yeast growth and very palatable. With the microbial enhancement, pre-digestion of fibers and reduction of carbohydrate structures that improve nutrient uptake and increased feed conversion, the producer saves money with his cow herd.

Call ProfitProAG and speak to a consultant to discuss Forage Enhancer.


Benefits of Using HerbolyteTM Plus as Your Weed Control Spray Adjuvant

By Dennis Klockenga, ProfitProAG Crop Management Consultant

Herbolyte Plus combines a water conditioner with a micronutrient solution into
one simple to use product. Herbolyte Plus controls weeds quicker and more effectively than AMS-based products while preventing the stall-out that you often see with other products. Its high energy, carbohydrate mixture inhibits the weed while your plant continues to grow strong.

Herbolyte Plus is a liquid adjuvant designed to be sprayed with glyphosate (aka Roundup®) or Liberty® based products. Both herbicides are strong chelators and tie up nutrients rendering them unavailable until the herbicides are biodegraded. Herbolyte Plus has a blend of micronutrients including manganese, iron, zinc, copper, boron, cobalt and molybdenum. Since each micronutrient is individually chelated, each micronutrient is available. Many micronutrient combination products have one large chelator with a stronger affinity for one or two micronutrients, but not the others. By having each micronutrient with its own chelator, each nutrient is available for plant uptake. In 2011, Herbolyte Plus research showed an additional 3-4 bu/A increase on soybeans and a 4-5 bu/A increase on corn.

Herbolyte Plus can also be used with other herbicides. Consult with your ProfitProAG Crop Management Consultant for more details.



Manure Management News

Introducing Poultry Litter Conditioner PlusTM

By Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultant

With the recent widespread of the Avian Influenza epidemic (H5N2) the impact on the poultry economy promises to be tremendous. The end consumer will not only discover much higher meat and egg prices in the grocery store, but also meals in favorite restaurants.

To be successful and profitable in the livestock business, as well as counteractive to the situation, producers need to practice and maintain strict herd health protocols. Ammonia, which can be found nearly in all poultry barns at detrimental levels, is a key culprit. Prevention of ammonia release is vital to bird health and performance. Research shows that even a 25 ppm reading of ammonia in a barn can have a 19 percent reduction in weighted bird yield. Higher readings can cause blindness, feet deformations and even death. Stressed birds are also susceptible to a weakened immune system that allows disease to gain a foothold. Ammonia also places facility workers at great risk.

To help combat these risks, ProfitProAG has developed a new product to help maintain a healthy flock. Poultry Litter Conditioner Plus (PLCP) is a dry concentrate that contains all natural earth products to help diminish toxins and dangerous ammonia levels. It contains a natural absorbent to help regulate moisture and odors. Seventeen blended species of beneficial microbes lock-up vital nutrients, which converts poultry litter to valuable crop fertilizer. PLCP also can minimize fly populations that affect bird performance. It is an environmentally safe, natural product for poultry and safe for humans to apply.

Call ProfitProAG and speak to a consultant to discuss Poultry Litter Conditioner Plus.

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Manure Conditioner PlusTM

By Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultant

With environmental concerns located from Wisconsin’s dairy farms to Des Moines, Iowa’s water supply, manure needs to be looked at as a neighbor-friendly, natural resource to effectively fertilize soils and crops.

ProfitProAG’s new Manure Conditioner Plus (MC+) is a dry concentrate manure conditioner that contains all natural earth products to help diminish the toxic build-up produced in manure and bedding/stalling areas of cattle. The blend consists of 17 beneficial microbes that lock up valuable crop nutrients instead of polluting the environment. MC+ also contains natural absorbents to help regulate moisture and odors. It is beneficial in young calf-bedding areas to help prevent coccidiosis and scours, which reduces both health and bedding costs.

MC+ also helps minimize fly populations that irritate cattle and rob growth and milk performance.

Call ProfitProAG and speak to a consultant about Manure Conditioner Plus.



Join us for our Thursday, May 21st Teleconference Call featuring:

Matt Dobberstein and Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultants, will discuss the Benefits of Fermenting High Moisture Forage.

Dennis Klockenga, ProfitProAG Consultant,will discuss the Benefits of Using HerbolyteTM and HerbolyteTM Plus as Your Weed Control Spray Adjuvants.

David Widman and Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultants,will discuss Manure Conditioner Benefits for Dry Pack and Poultry Litter.

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