For those already coming - see you at the conference - for those who haven't registered you still can call - its not too late - for those who can't make it we will have a live stream the days of the conference and the conference will be recorded and available on our web site for you to view at a time convenient for you.  


The 2015 ProfitPro AG Winter Conference is on Thursday and Friday of this week!  We have a great line up of speakers with many interesting topics.


Some of the presentations will be on:


While being at the conference is the best way to take part so that you can interact with people, we have a couple of other options.  We will have an off-site location at the Vesta, MN fire station where they will be watching the conference live.  If you are interested, please contact David Widman at 507-640-1095.  The other option is to watch it streamed live from your very own computer.  That’s right, this year the conference will be streamed live (with a three minute delay.)  Here is the link to join the live stream  ----



There will a lot of good and practical information that will be given at this conference that you can utilize on your own farm.  Don’t miss it!








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