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Lifetime of Experiences in Producing
Value-added Nutrient-dense, High Brix Food

“Bob Wilt’s Journey to Soil Recovery: A Biological Farming Alternative”
Bob Wilt, a berry crop grower from Corvallis, Oregon is very passionate about biological farming and wants to share his self-taught education with other growers who may be experiencing the same dilemma as he did 15 years ago when there was no one to ask, let alone teach him.
The beauty of biological farming is that the rules are universal; they apply to all crops not just berries. As a strong advocate and voice for biological farming and nutrient-dense food, Bob has traveled throughout the U.S. to consult and speak to growers about the profound impact of nutrient-dense food. He now offers a “voice” to upper Midwest growers to learn how to incorporate nutrient-dense food into their cropping systems. Call in and listen as Bob shares his farmer-to-farmer style knowledge.

Strategies for Improved Livestock Production

Over the past few decades, animal husbandry has become increasingly separated from its natural existence of open land grazing and foraging. Today, most livestock in the United States are raised in confinement on huge industrialized systems. Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultant, will discuss some of the animal welfare issues this creates.
As awareness grows about animal welfare, large food service enterprises and retail chains are demanding changes in farming practices and livestock care. Changes in production practices like “cage-free, free range, pasture ranged and penned gestation” has yielded premium prices in the value–added markets. However, improving animal welfare in today’s industrial agricultural system will, undoubtedly, require a widespread change in the attitude of livestock producers. Better basic training, greater attention to the animal’s needs and an overall healthier approach may result in lower medical expenses and reduced mortalities.

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