1_21_2016_Big Changes and Challenges Ahead in 2016!

Big Changes and Challenges Ahead in 2016!

Climatologist Larry Acker will discuss markets and weather
as well as economic and political cycles.
Many variables influence production agriculture and have a direct impact on grower production and profitability.
Weather the “upcoming storms” with Larry Acker, a leading climatologist and marketing expert!
He will examine upcoming trends and cycles and provide farmers and ranchers with the necessary tools to better manage their operations.

The Agronomic Value of Treated Livestock Manure

How is the monetary value of bioaugmented livestock manure figured when evaluating the benefits provided to commodity crops? What is the ROI – Return On Investment – from bioaugmented livestock manure? How can other benefits be put into monetary values? David Widman, ProfitProAG Consultant, will help answer these questions and discuss the economic benefit of bioaugmented manure.

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