12_17_2015_Big Yields Start with Healthy Seedlings

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Big Yields Start with Healthy Seedlings

The key to consistently bigger yields and better grain quality starts with healthy
soils and plants. To achieve this, biodiversity must be established in the soils and plant foliage with balanced soil mineral nutrition and enhanced soil organic matter levels (bioactive carbon).
Dr. Jim Ladlie, ProfitProAG President, will discuss the impact, advantages and benefits of biological seed coatings. Getting the seed off to a good start beginning at germination and continuing throughout the plant’s life is crucial to achieve a high quality plant.

Understanding the Real Value of Livestock Manure

The growing trend of using livestock manure as a crop nutrient source has many producers re-evaluating their soil fertility programs.
David Widman, ProfitProAG Consultant, will answer and discuss the following questions:

  • Why is livestock manure more valuable in comparison to commercial fertilizer?
  • How important is manure management in retaining nutrients for crop production?
  • What benefits are available from bioaugmenting manure?
  • What methods are available now to improve manure management?

For improved management of livestock manure, ProfitProAG offers live culture microbes that breakdown the manure while locking up the nutrients for liquid storage systems. Dry organic products are also available to spread over the livestock bedding to capture the nutrients, stimulate the biology start-up and enhance the manure breakdown. All are organic certifiable, user friendly and increase the value of the livestock manure by retaining more nutrients to transfer to the soil.

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