11_19_2015_Goss’s Wilt Rears Ugly Head Again in 2015

Dennis Klockenga, ProfitProAG Consultant, will share in-depth information about
Goss’s Wilt of corn—a bacterial disease that causes long and large brown lesions on the
leaves that appear water soaked. The newer version of Goss’s Wilt displays a pinkish
color on the leaves. It used to be only a problem in a small part of Nebraska and a few
counties in NE Iowa. Now it can be found from the southeastern U.S. all the way into
Canada and everywhere in between.
How did it spread so dramatically? What conditions favor Goss’s Wilt? What can be
done to circumvent the disease? What benefits can biological products such as Bio-
EmpruvTM, Catawater®AG, Bio-ReleaseTM and ProfitCoatTM seed coatings provide? Learn
the answers to these questions and more.

Poultry Litter Conditioner PlusTM

Benefits the Poultry Industry
With recent media coverage of consumer demands, producers are aware of the need to
raise antibiotic free poultry and practice suitable animal welfare practices. However, certain
practices must be implemented to achieve these standards.
Chris Chodur, ProfitProAG Consultant, will discuss the importance of poultry
bedding and the economic impact poor litter conditions can have. Wet fecal litter is the
primary cause of ammonia emissions and one of the most serious performance and
environmental factors that affects poultry and laying production.
Poultry Litter Conditioner Plus (PLCP) creates a healthier environment and healthier
birds. PLCP is unlike any other product on the chemical driven market. It is a biological
dry litter amendment that contains all natural earth products to help diminish toxins and
dangerous ammonia levels. It contains a natural absorbent to help regulate moisture and
odors. The formulation contains pathogen-reducing species of beneficial microbes to lock
up vital nutrients and converts poultry litter into a more value-added fertilizer. Any
investments that growers and integrators make in maintaining ideal environmental
conditions for their poultry operation will potentially return a significant dividend.

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