06/03/2014 – Maintaining Pit and Lagoon Capacity in Beef Confinement Systems

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 Maintaining Pit and Lagoon Capacity in Beef Confinement Systems

Speaker is David Widman, Crop Mgmt Consultants for ProfitPro, LLC

Maintaining today’s bovine manure pits and lagoons is very challenging. Bovine manure has more cellulose and lignin material from the forages used in their diets. The increase, in this fibrous material in the manure, can quickly lead to a thick buildup of solids and reduce the capacity of a pit or a lagoon. Microbes help facilitate a breakdown of the rigid structure of these materials and, in the process, pits and lagoons are kept more liquid. A liquid pit or lagoon translates to an easier agitation and pump-out (meaning less time and money spent on hauling the manure), maintains capacity and reduces environmental impacts.

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