04_16_2015 – How to Get Started Using Cover Crops in 2015

How to Get Started Using Cover Crops in 2015

J. Kartes, ProfitProAG Consultant, will discuss several steps to consider for those thinking about utilizing cover crops in either a traditional corn/soybean rotation or as a livestock producer. T.J. will relate several years of experience implementing cover crop programs in the Southern Minnesota area that will include producer backed data. He will also discuss the role of “media hype” and relate some realistic one to five year expectations when implementing a cover crop program.


Manure Application Increases Value of Cover Crops

David Widman, ProfitProAG Consultant, will discuss how bioaugmented manure and cover crops benefit the soil. Cover crops retain more nutrients from bioaugmented manure by holding these nutrients in plant form and protecting the soil from erosion, which keeps plant nutrients in and on the soil for future crop use. Cover crops stabilize the soil temperature, provide soil protection and a better home for the soil microbial community.


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