01-15-2015 – Crop and Market Alternatives for Future Profitability

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Crop and Market Alternatives for Future Profitability
Speakers: Dr. Jim Ladlie, President, Dennis Klockenga and David Widman, ProfitProAG’s Consultants
Dr. Jim Ladlie and Dennis Klockenga will discuss how soil quality is the cornerstone of production agriculture whether you are a crop grower, livestock producer or food processor. They will help answer, “What determines soil quality?” and “How do I build a high-quality producing, yet low cost, soil system?”
ProfitProAG’s Manure ConditonerTM Provides Multi-Fold Benefits
David Widman will discuss how manure conditioner provides the biology stimulation and beneficial minerals for manure digestion as well as helps feed and stimulate the biology in the soil for enhanced crop production.

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ProfitProAG’s 2015 Winter Conference (Feb. 12 & 13)
At the ProfitProAG’s 2015 Winter Conference, information and examples will include how to incorporate a third crop into a rotation to reduce input cost and improve profit per acre through improved crop quality and yield. Three to five-year cash flow examples of adding a third crop into the rotation, along with cover crops, will also be provided. Discussion will follow on how to ferment forages/straw to enhance feeding quality and value.
Processors and livestock producers will share the parameters they use to measure the value during their purchase of grains and forage crops.
Learn how to: tap into third crop markets for grains and forages; take weather out of the equation when harvesting high moisture forages; harvest and ferment 20 to 60 percent moisture forage; ferment straw into a value-added energy source for livestock; and produce high test weight grains for food processors.
To register for ProfitProAG’s 2015 Winter Conference, call 1-888-875-2425 or visit www.profitproag.com to print the registration form.
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